February 12, 2007


February 7, 2007

Younger by exposure

Younger people are revealing their private lives on the Internet in raw and affecting detail:

-photos of unstylized bruises
-dead parents
-sexual positions
-rough materials
-the “non-uglies”
-windy moisture by shaggy cultures

Most websites do not prevent such photos to be judged by strangers, totally unprovoked. However, I don't what the fuck is up, since I'm from the South Bronx. I only see a profile online, half with photos.

The truth is, alarm and misapprehension not seen since the blinking pink neon revolution began in earnest: the forest of cell phones cameras and come-ons from beneath the bar. But now, you can see the rural 15-year-old who records videos for thousands of subscribers or even 9-year-olds playin games and planning parties with penguins. The barrier between young and old is being electronically disassembled

It’s been a long time since there was a true generation g a p and before I get to his profile, the pain in my chest, fractured for rainbow, this time is for real.

NO not a Black chain, a different boxbrand, only separated of expression from physical sensations national. the older generation has only responded to this with digust, dismissive skwauks. A sliding deal for anyone, for homosexual health concerns. A fat spanish transexual woman telling me to jump from this floor to the next. She's full of dirty thoughts and divides that slice. muich worse than amsterdam. I understand this phenomena, boys putting on masks and shooting guns but after moving arms and thingless hands, measure the public appetite for standards and affirmations and tell me who's listening. 55%.

Among this younger cohort, variations blur when you widen your view to play to the camera. Tunnel children living in someone, living some online. Totally unselfconscious, believing strongly that it may be time to consider a new language so completely coherent and expressive.

I admit no fraud , but nor is fraud impossible online. people patch things together to serve well enough to communicate. They have the latest technology, like music videos of exploding tanks, or surveillance on this sentence. sssuuurrrrrvvvveeeiiilllaaannnccceeee

February 6, 2007

All day I draw boys

*boys on white canvas

February 2, 2007

6 things to remember when visiting the hospital

1. BBC is always on somewhere.

2. Mini-burgers and Coca-Cola are $30.

3. Larry Clark cannot help you, or even entertain you.

4. Farting will only deepen your anal discomfort.

5. Cold weather will only make you colder.

6. Your sickness is their bu$ine$$.