May 31, 2009

The Ghost of William S Burroughs

Last week, I went on a 10 day roadtrip with my brother across the US from Newport Beach California to New York City. This post will mark the first in a series about that experience. While passing through St. Louis Missouri, I took the opportunity to visit the grave of one of my favorite artists William S Burroughs, laid to rest in the Burroughs family plot in the beautiful Belfontaine Cemetary.

The large obelisk is the grave Burrough's grandfather, inventor of the calculator (called "The Adding Machine" back then, it's also the title of one of Burroughs' book of essays)

I was surprised at how modest his grave is. Lacking flowers, I left behind a seashell I picked up off the shore of the Pacific.

May 15, 2009

No artificial chemicals, and safe in moderation...


Here I demonstrate the effects of Bananarilaxx. This drug is prescribed only for New Yorkers who can attend this limited edition Saturday party (starting May 16th) at the Gorilla Club. I'll also be the offical pharmicist. Side effect include dizzyness, ape-like behaviour, uncontrollable dance movements, sexual stimulation, chest hair and possible next-day hangovers.

*High Fructose Corn Syrup
Ask, no, call him "doctor" for a quick rush of energy! Side effects may include transgendered cross dressing, glitterectomies, self-mutilation, racism, and soft filter vision.

Prescribed for relief from depression. Side Effects may include monochromatic vision, hearing voices from animals and uncontrollable urges to dress up little dogs.

Prescribed for ADD. Side effects may include repeated viewings, psychelic hallucinations, childhood flashbacks and amorous feelings for the cute Aussie creator (POGO) of this video medication.

Also by the makers of Fagatron. Side effects include those of Fagotron plus the ability to unlock doors..


May 13, 2009

May 10, 2009

No Bra in NYC

The unforgettable Susanne Oberbeck of NO BRA, performing last Thursday in Williamsburg

May 6, 2009

Shaping Up!

Last weekend Slava and I went to see the "Younger than Jesus" at the New Museum. Personally I think the title is kind of misleading. I know it refers to the artists all being under 33, but when I hear that title, I immediately think 'Jesus'. Actually, it would be interesting if they did a contemporary Jesus art show... I liked AIDS 3D's "OMG obelisk" and Ryan Trecartin's ongoing video madness. But my favorite was a video by Polish artist Anna Molska. "Tanagram" features two totally hot young men in sexy black jock-stap/thong combos with military style helmets rearranging large black shapes on rollers. Together they create one shape after another to changing background music ranging from soviet-style fanfares to minimalist arpeggios. The effect is hypnotic, I watched it over and over.

Here are some photos Slava took of the video: