February 26, 2009

National Champions

Brian Kenny | National Champions | 2008 | etching on paper | 17" x 23"

Forecast Before Five

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February 22, 2009


look at all that meat.....that's MEAT!

Brian Kenny | Casual Fisting Politely Smelling Poppers | 2009 | Etching on Copper Foil | 5" x 7"

Brian Kenny | Ready, Set, Bro! | 2009 | Mixed Media on vintage American shooting target paper | 22.5” x 34"

February 20, 2009

Chocolate Face in Berlin

Kirchstrasse. 11
Black Peter Wuz Here

February 17, 2009

Y-3 Open-P!

On Sunday, Slava and I went to the new Y-3 fashion show at Pier 40.

We were lucky enough receive VIP invitations and were seated right next to bunch of celebrities! I recognized Kanye West, and Milla Jovovich, but couldnt figure out who was the pretty girl (with heavy makeup) in the fetching white Klaus Nomi-ish outfit. She was very popular and the paparazzi were all over the her.

I was later told it was Kim Kardashian (seen here with Mr. Yamamoto).

So I went home and googled her, and to my surprise, learned she has a dirty sex video. Then I discovered this stunning poem about that experience:

February 10, 2009

Winter Water Sports

Last Saturday on the frozen Hudson river in Upstate New York. I walked all the way across the frozen river. The ice around 3 feet deep and was very smooth on top. These windboats were sledding all over it. It's like watching sailing in Fast-Forward, they can move fast.

Gotta have the pancakes...

February 5, 2009

America Anonymous

I met Benoit through some friends when I was living in Boston 8 years ago and had a huge crush on him. At the time he was writing for Boston magazine, and since then I've watched his career blossom and see his award-winning journalism appearing regularly in the New York Times Magazine. Recently, I noticed he finally published a book, so I went to his B&N book signing mostly to say hello. I knew the book would be good, but wasnt expecting it to be so...addictive.

Benoit spent time with 8 different addicts (sex, crack, alcohol, steroids, shoplifting, overeater, etc) for 3 years documenting their struggle to remain sober, most of them relapsing at some point during recovery. Mixed in is Benoit's own account of his recovery from sex addiction and all kinds of intriguing and alarming information about the complicated issue of addiction. His writing is insightful and brutally honest. I recommend it to everyone.