June 24, 2010


(press release)
BUTT magazine has collaborated with American Apparel to create five special limited edition Summer beach towels in Butt’s trademark style.

Each black and pink towel features a different life size guy, three of whom have been featured in past issues of the magazine. Models include artist Brian Kenny (cover star of BUTT #14), fashion design student Juan Jose Quiceno (cover star of BUTT #25), adult film star Arpad Miklos (featured in BUTT #24)—and introducing composer and lyricist Ernie Lijoi, and photographer Devin Elijah.

Each model was photographed by long time BUTT contributor Marcelo Krasilcic.

The 100% cotton oversized towels (31” x 64”) retail for $45 and
are available exclusively through American Apparel. The towels can be purchased on line as well as the following select stores worldwide:

New York (Soho, Chelsea, The Village)
Los Angeles (Little Tokyo)
San Diego
San Francisco
Toronto (Queen Street, Young Street)
Berlin (Münz Street, Bayreuther Strasse)
Paris (Beaurepaire, Marais, Vieille du Temple)

A portion of sales from each towel will be donated to the Ali Forney Center, a NYC organization providing housing and services to homeless LGBTQ youth.


June 23, 2010

And Then Some

Opening this Friday @ FEATURE Gallery

(press release)
Sketches from the archive of the legendary Tom of Finland will once again – it’s easily been ten or so years – hang on the walls of Feature Inc. Tom of Finland, the artist who took masculine to macho and big to XXXLlarge, clocked the butch gay clone phenomenon at its onset and blew it out. His super hung studs, with more t&a than any cheesecaker could aspire to, are packed for action yet also deliver knowing glances and looks that are full of the camaraderie and humor that his vision of a utopian man to man culture was based on.

Tom of Finland, Touko Laaksonen by birth, was born on the south coast of Finland on May 8, 1920. He trained and worked in design and advertising and in 1973, left his job to work full time on his drawings. Between 1978 and 1988, Tom of Finland split his time between Helsinki and Los Angeles; he died of an emphysema–induced stroke on November 7, 1991. This exhibition is made in cooperation with the Los Angeles based Tom of Finland Foundation.

Partnering Tom of Finland is and then some, sexual imagery by a number of other contemporary artists who frequently use sexual imagery in their work. The range is wide, tho less poser/genital display and more twist. Participating artists are: Richard Kern, Judy Linn, Bastille, Jerry Phillips, Martin of Holland, Joe Brainard, Fred Esher, Larry Clark, Brian Kenny and Robert W. Richards , Sean Landers, Richard Prince, Robert Fontanelli, GB Jones, Jeff Burton, Mie Yim, Raymond Pettibon, Catherine Opie, Carl Ferrero, Kevin Larmon, Jared Buckhiester, Judy Rifka, Jeffrey Pittu, Scooter Laforge, Tyler Ingolia, David Frye, The Hun, Kinke Kooi, Juan Gomez, Rex, Gengoroh Tagame.

"Show and Tell"
(Brian Kenny and Robert W. Richards

"Hairy Secrets"
(Brian Kenny and Robert W. Richards)



June 16, 2010

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June 13, 2010

Won man's warm signs

even more new target drawings:

Warm Signs

Won Man

Empire Later

Situation No

Homo Home Alone

End Off A Decade (with Gio Black Peter)


opens Saturday, June 19, 2010 from 7 - 10pm.

This exhibition presents the work of 10 distinguished artists who are dealing with issues regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual civil rights. Fundamental concerns include gay marriage, the AIDS crisis, religious and legislative persecution, hate crimes and gay sexuality.

Gay marriage is a controversial issue and a subject that Brooklyn based artist Patricia Cronin personally confronts through her well-known classically sculpted funerary monument Memorial To A Marriage. She also presents her intimate series of erotic watercolors. The AIDS crisis devastated the gay community beginning in the 1980s. Outspoken artists affected by this disease explored its effects in their artwork. One of the most influential figures of this time was New York based artists David Wojnarowicz. His “Untitled” (One Day this Kid...) reveals an intimate narrative that shows how devastating this disease is. More recently, Daniel Goldstein’s Medicine Man approaches AIDS on conceptual level. The suspended human- shaped sculpture consists of steel wire threaded with nearly 300 donated empty HIV medication bottles and 139 syringes. The sculpture is beautiful in spite of its foundation in hopelessness and despair. Arthur Robinson Williams presents intimate portraits of transgendered individuals and couples undergoing physical and emotional transformation in his photographic series My Right Self. Zanele Muholi takes us on a photographic journey through post-apartheid South Africa focusing on the subjective experiences of black lesbians in two of her series Only Half The Picture and Being.

The following artists are included in this exhibition:
Eric Avery (Texas)
James Morrison (New York)
Patricia Cronin (New York)
Zanele Muholi (South Africa)
Daniel Goldstein (California)
Conrad Ventur (New York)
Brian Kenny (New York)
Arthur Robinson Williams (Pennsylvania)
Slava Mogutin (New York)
David Wojnarowicz (New York)
Featuring the poetry of Staceyann Chin (New York)

These 10 artists express their most intimate feelings and strive for recognition through their own fine art. This exhibition consists of a range of media including sculpture, photography, video, and mixed media. Coinciding with Houston’s Annual Pride Festival, this exhibition shares aesthetic, philosophical, and political views and experiences from a legitimate segment of society.

June 12, 2010

June 9, 2010

Pen-alty box

June 6, 2010

Registered with the Golden Triangle

I had a premonition that it will disappear, sink like Atlantis. And I really wanted something to leave behind. In the 30th thinking and understanding that they are my ancestors, this is my land and I am responsible to the ancestors... My grand plan spent seven years in the camps and when it was rehabilitated, I was given a camera "Change” in, three or four paradigms. Impression - bruises, food, the lack of plans for the future. And it becomes a world trend. Globalization is no longer giving a sense of so-called scientific photography and was this is the most non-American photograph in still-life. The first in Phoenicia to began to withdraw advertising nullified. I do not know why. That is, I have a few pictures made by Western standards. In my opinion, not in focus, different border emotional states determine aesthetics. The third ironic situation in the world.

June 5, 2010

June 4, 2010

Doesn't Consciousness

David Wojnarowicz, 1990

Marina Abramovic, 1997