October 30, 2006


Collage Broccoli
Brick Layer Burrito
Aged college fur
Chest Hair

October 27, 2006

If You See Something, Shave Something

(Shave & Train)

(studying lost boys)

(Black and yellow, shave my fellow)

These pix came from a Wigger Treasurebox!. 930 pics

Under Our Blades.

A couple on each other:

over the pavement prescription

If They're giving it away for free, then it must be good!

October 26, 2006

Conversations with god

October 25, 2006


(now that's a half-Nelson)

In Mens Basketballs:

NCAA HEAD-------------LINES:

DALLAS: Wayne Wright and TV Lawson are troubling enough to stop extremists with the basketball season. They blame a combination of team damage to the protective foam. Everything looks oversaturated for the practice facility players, especially those passes.

Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State plays third fiddle in the Triangle pulling Herb Sendek away from an advisory board that had an illusion of much more. The big-money donors believe he already groped five-star big man JJ Reddick from the end of the bench.

: New Mexico State forward Tyrone Nelson has been related to allegations that Nelson is actually going backward. (Nelson denies all team-highs on his way to earning athletic directions)

East Tennessee State senior guard Travis Strong will not be confirmed until Strong applies for a medical T-shirt for the upcoming season. His coach responds"When he lives up to his last name, then I'll buy him a new pair of Nike airmax 360's."

he University of Kansas' self-imposed probation had imposed its own two-year probation period from a lack of institutional control. The committee made a reduction of three sanctions on the basketballs, and returned a shipment of new long baseball socks, even though major violations were discovered. "The involvement of recruits and certain fraud coaching methods were also thought to be serious enough to impose penalties upon ourselves that we think are appropriate at this time," Kansas Chancellor Dr. Robert Hemenway said in a sentence.

Basketball Player Rudy Gay Wants You to Wear His Jersey.

October 19, 2006

October 15, 2006


The artwork that Slava and I are showing:



(Ghetto Blaster)

(Vincenzo Torso)

My favorite pieces from the show:
(click for larger view)

(Peter Beste, Guns and Syrup)

(Brenda Kenneally, Untitled)

(Le Bijoutier, Rules of Immigration)

(Thomas Roma, from Enduring Justice, 1998)

(Ricky Powell, Unknown Title)

(Boogie, Untitled)

(Peter Beste, Passerby)

(Boogie, Untitled)

Bob Tilton Speaks the TRUTH

Brilliant edit of the Jesus-infomercial spaz Robert Tilton .

My favorite moments are Tilton 'speaking in tongues' (Glossolalia). I remember when I was given' the gift of tongues' at a LifeTeen Conference (evangelical uber-catholic youth ministy). I was 14 or 15 year at the time, and after singing "My God is an Awesome God!" about 14 or 15 times, believed (along with a few hundred other gullible teens) that my suddenly ability to speak gibberish was a holy prayer language. But like his farting, Tilton does it best.

I'm Silky Freckly and ida con mole condy cone lechi bon lada bo soyen.

October 11, 2006

Craigslist Sneaker S/M

After seeing this on Craiglist, I couldn't resist replying. Below is a transcript of our correspondence:

From: Brian
To: pers-127163721@craigslist.org
Subject: bring it to me, faggot.
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 02:05:25 -0800 (PST)


I laughed my ass off when I saw your ad. That's the best that
you pathetic faggot can come up with? Damn, If you are really as lame and retarded as your ad, get me a pair of new sneakers and bring then to where I tell you. You wont get any appreciation here, I'll just treat you like the stupid piece of faggot scum you are.


E Daniel wrote:

fuck, that's so hot!! i love
your attitude. is that really you in the
pic??? what size feet do you have? would you been into making me
lick the treads of your worn sneakers too?


Brian wrote:

i'll not only make you lick the treads of my old sneakers, i'll
make you inhale the stale aroma of the inside while I laugh at how
pathetic you look sniffing my old shoes.


E Daniel wrote:

that pic of you in the truck is
SOOO hot!!! it'd be so fucking wild to be laughed
at by such a young dominant guy. do you live alone - could i
also clean your apartment?


Brian wrote:

my apartment is none of your business. Waching you do a terrible job
cleaning anything of mine is a waste of time for me. You must first
buy me expensive sneakers and then I'll let you lick the soles of my old shoes and the ground I walk on. fucker

buy these:


E Daniel wrote:

DAMN!!! that pic is AWESOME!!! did You just make it? can You make
one that says "Buy me sneakers, faggot" ??? Those shoes are PERFECT - they are totally straight. I fucking love them.


I stopped replying after this, as did he.

With so much 'back-and-forth', I assumed E Daniel would just jerk off, and wimp out on his promises....

I'm Silky Freckly, and this time I SAY

October 6, 2006

The American Dream

yes really hardcore.
roast beef curtains

23 problems

October 4, 2006

drawing restrained

It is fine and dandy to open your brain on walls or paper. you cant fool yourself.

I am Silky Freckly and I approve of this message.

October 2, 2006

Hair Force LLama Snack

The Spirit of Duchamp lives on.... (found e-object)

New GhettoBlasters

click the picture to see my drawings