October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

on the 31st, boys will spill blood, the demons will rise up from the nunnery and destroy your holiday!!

October 24, 2008

United Cocks of America

The Dollar is falling fast, and the Amero won't save us now. Luckily, Treasurer Jan Wandrag has introduced a New World Currency that we can all agree on:

The Hollar Bill:

October 19, 2008



A homosexual gay beast who finds men's bums attractive and must rape them, and will suck your cock until it drops off.

If you see this man, you must run. Do not attempt to fight back, for he'll only overpower you with his bear's strength and trunk of a cock.

Bubba's North Highland base resides in the "abandoned" ScotRail carriage maintenance depot in Inverness.

Do not show off your homophobic feelings, he has Bubba Patrols all over the world who will find you. They will take you to Bubba, who will bum you to death.

Bubba's Generals are Ricardo, Jazz Horny, Smoochy and Hugsy Bear. And don't forget the "I need sex" guy and Dong.

He will not die. You must protect yourself with the Ass Blocker 3000. And avoid the Golden Surfer at all costs.

Bubba is 7 feet tall, 500lbs, hairy, bald headed, has a little girl's voice and walks around naked. He is very homosexual. Beware!!! Especially you men with gigantic bums.
Bubba's gonna get ya!

October 17, 2008

"Shaking Angles" Rehearsal

Last Friday was the blowout performance of Russian artist Andrey Bartenev's "Shaking Angles" at The National Arts Club in Grammercy Park. Slava and I, among about 30 other dancers and people participated in this chaotic parade of costumes, ours made entirely from household items and garbage. Below is rehearsal video from that performace:

October 16, 2008

Brian by Marcelo by Salvador

I was pleasantly suprised to find out, there's a photo of me (by Marcelo Krasilcic) in artist Salvador Cidras' installation currently on view in Spain at MUSAC. Check out some photos from his sexy installation:

Mowgli contemporáneo
Permanent Ink, Silver Ink, adhesive on paper, plexiglas
200 x 286 cm

Cuatro veces negro
Permanent Ink, Silver Ink, adhesive on paper, plexiglas
200 x 286 cm

Permanent Ink, Silver Ink, adhesive on paper, Plexiglas
200 x 286 cm

October 9, 2008