January 22, 2007


3 Things in the News

1. Expressing individuality or foringm subculture, kids these days are purchasing a combination of things, fabricating shiny same-sex nylon tracksuits. Next to a nice shiny pair of snowpants for a lot of political will, I have close to 100 pairs of governent efforts. In past few years, we've had 6 major united nation suggestions sheparding investigations under a track suit of exposure. Inside lessons on blackboard climate screens, and a presidential canidate, these shiny outfits offer an entire digitized curriculum for hiding all your pounds.

2. Parents converse and doing anything, India, China and Mexico City are protesting milk farmers, unhappy with cheap milk and the Brazilian police. 3000 grenades were causing havoc, 17 people were involved in some heavy rain, under the hammer. Comissioned by hitler for 15 million, Harry had to look back at 1939. He escaped to Hawaii, Florida and the Caribbean. Extremely grand prix, it was obviously time to leap ahead in fascinating periodic strength.

3. Great racing cars are accepting russians before storming the war, they would take a thing and look for stories. Dismanteling the engine, all 115 year old surivivors are expecting to spend big on this engineering car of the world. Mapping post cultural inspirations are going really well in Miami, Ohio.

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