April 7, 2007

The Underground Socialist-Realist Movements

When I was in Moscow I was surprised to see you can drink on the subway, and so I saw a young woman passed out from partying too much, too much coke and slavutitch. Before going home to a filthy overheated apartment where her mother will do her best to ignore her sloppy daughter, drunk again after work, I photographed, the empty bottle planted between her legs, giving her crotch something to grieve over.
I also saw so many hot pussy boys, bars that stay away from these beauty boys, still wide-eyed and interested in heroes. Up and down the escalators they passed, each one undressed my eyes before he passed and was searched for explosive matrioschkas.
I also saw packs of wild dogs, hardly wild, sleeping all days in the underground hallways and accepting handouts from babushkas. But they were beautiful, mostly german shepard types. Just like the Moscow subway itself. Eveyrthing was Stalin driven, and each station is a shinging example of socialist-realist art at its underground best. marble men statues, mosaic boys dancing, and trains every 30 senconds.

**these next pics came from this great site.
The real Stalin is dead corpse further underground than this one.

This young locksmith is on his way to charging 385 times to let himself back into his apartment.

This hot cop copped the wrong feel with his offical buddies and paid for it with his face. and jacket and pants.
To be oar not to be, these hungry boys are ready to ride uptown and remove the stomachs of old babushkas who refuse to feed them coca-cola or swing them at soldiers who won't give them more subway tickets.

Although the accident rate of the moscow subway is very low, people still use their motorcycle helmuts and get up early in the morning.

The best subway I've ever encountered