July 24, 2007

I tried Salvia for the first time in London.

I tried Salvia for the first time in London. Our lady of Salvia appeared before me, Her majesty's roast beef curtains were pulling me towards her warm orange lily. I meant to describe my experience to Dominic, but talking seemed retarded. I probably would have hung around in lily land, but I had to meet my gallerist and friends for dinner at Bistroteque in less than an hour.

I tried Salvia for the first time in London. I watched Lee smoke first and asked him to describe his experience. For the most part, he said nothing. Then my turn. I was so nervous. I took a big puff of smoke and lay back waititiaw kcab yal dna ekoms fo ffup gib a koot I .suovren os saw I .nrut ym nehT .gnihton dias eh ,trap tsom eht roF .ecneirepxe sih ebircsed ot mih deksa dna tsrif ekoms eeL dehctaw I .nodnoL ni emit tsrif eht rof aivlaS deirt I felt so tired.

I tried Salvia for the first time in London. After taking two bong hits, a sausage appeared before me, he said "I am the Sausage, the truth, the light and the sausage. There shall be no sausage before me and their will be none after!” “Follow me and I will name you my sausage." I wanted to stay it felt so good, I was like “Yeah, Cut my belly!” but my friends were asking me questions so I struggled to maintain myself.

I tried Salvia for the first time in London. This decision was based on my interest in knowing what my death will be like. After doing Salvia I have come to my new theory that death is like sleeping and dreaming.

I tried Salvia for the first time in London. I read up on the subject on Erowid, bought 1 gram of 20x Salvia Divinorum in Camden Town and smoked 1 third of that with two salvia-experienced friends. Although words don’t really encapsulate the experience, this is what I can remember: Immediately after two bong hits, I felt myself moving in a few different directions at once. Everything around was swirling inwards and outwards. At the same time, a woman, (my mother or someone very familiar), was calling to me. It felt like a childhood memory I was re-experiencing. It was a warm and loving feeling, and I want to give in to it and float away, but I was still trying to talk and even see that I was really just sitting in a room with two friends watching me and asking me questions. I also remember losing the sense that I had a sense of taste, and was so surprised at the acrid taste of the salvia smoke in my mouth. The peak of the 'high' lasted only 3-4 minutes (according to my friends), but the experience of it was almost timeless. It was a lot like having a dream in your sleep, except you’re not asleep. Similarly, the 10 minutes or so of coming down was actually similar to that time in the morning after you’ve hit the snooze and youre trying to wake up, but keep dozing back to sleep and dreaming and waking again, etc.. 20 minutes later, it was over, and I felt tired, like having been woken up from a deep sleep.

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