September 6, 2007

Think Inside the Box

It's Fashion Time in the city, and last night Slava and I went to the CK 25 Year Anniversary Underwear Party. The invites were shiny pieces of sheet metal, complete with metal drinking straws. This clip comes from behind the Calvin Klein glass coffin of trapped beauties. With increased police presence in New York these tourist days, they managed to comply with a more stylish version of maximumodel security. Step aside Popemobile, the CKbox! I was still hoping that the box was really a tank for a group shower, or a life-size model snow globe complete with hydraulics, or the shields for a giant SUPERModel food fight using all the piles of food the catering couldn't distribute to the crowds of dieting fashionistas. But, they were giving away tasty bacon burgers and champagne.

Yonni Yonson from Wisconsin has this to say about Calvin Klein's Altered States

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