October 4, 2007


Today is the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the world's first artificial satellite SPUTNIK. We've come a long way in 50 years. Our current (known) satellite count is now 24,972 with roughly 10% still in use. After we 'defeat' climate change, I'm sure our next big problem will be cleaning up the space landfills orbiting earth. I just hope that by the time another 50 years pass, I'll being to send myself into orbit. Maybe hit on hot guys on the Moon's 1/4 gravity nASSa nightclubs or ponder life watching the space station eject my piss in a frozen yellow spray after I flush. More importantly, who will be the first to send his/her coffin into deep space? And what new sports will we be watching in the 2058 Olympics? What will we have to wear if we wanna get involved in sports?

This is some really beautiful footage of SPUTNIK and its R-7 rocket.

*I'm Silky Freckly and YEEAAAHHH SPUTNIK..SMBKGA!!!!!

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fang said...

"...mondo teeno giving head - shoot it up...."