December 1, 2007

Proclamation of a Mancipation

Embracer runs 50 yards....
and.. BOOOOM!
Downtube Mother Fucker!
so fat you broke the TV so fast!
sucking surge on Con Edision fat ass compass!
no hard feelings, just wasted time
and of this moment, it's showtime!
turn on the camera
I can see it works, your face in this light
someone up to me, no losers
i have to confess
they all eat ass, hungry and challenging
holding their names to a team
so perfectly unconscious to my reaction..
how about this:
I have a blog!
don't ask don't tell people things I cant tell them on TV?
streaming inches away...
streaming in my mouth
then moving on
and coming back for more
a long dragon vanishing down the drain
my children are swimming now
and I've returned my videos
a faint smell of cock
are you gay?
OK, rollback Dont Ask Dont Tell!
tell em, all faggots can openly protect american big business money with their lives.
let's find out what happens!
Hey soldier!
Hey Rainbow Rambo!
GI 69!
Private Positions!
Did you bag a rag?
Did you piss on this?
most honorable business orientation, you too can blow your mind
because we're giving it away for free,
so it must be good.

Eh, So it, uh, must be good eh?
Yeh a little good times? yah Know?
Feelin, uh, easy and good yeh?
Smooth moves eh? All night long? yeh?
yeh nyc'e face all nite eh?
a little free dinner yeh?
yeh? huh? Yeh?


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