January 9, 2008

Saggin Serial

Nothing starts off a new year better than saggin from behind. I was introduced to Sagging in Middle School, all the basketball players in my class wore baggy basketball shorts to school everday like religion, always sagging. In fact some of them were constantly drawing attention to their sag, pulling down their friends shorts, always re-adjusting their own... I totally noticed.

The dry wikinition of Sagging. The entry fails to mention is that sagging is popular primarily because its SEXY. Sex Sex Sex. Underwear, sex. pants falling off an ass. sex. Sagging breaks the rules of propriety, even sexier. Now, through the magic of the internet, I can remain celebrate.

This shy wigger shows off his dangerous sag.

This young thug, gets right to the point and delivers his mighty sag.

Going Down?.....

I know this sag...

The Leading Internet Sagging Authority Sagger Boys

*I'm Silky-Freckly and I can spell SAGGIN backwards!

1 comment:

underneath said...

How I love to watch Saggers in the street, on the tube - everywhere.