July 17, 2008

Under Armour, Over Stimulated

the commercial

the student body

the bedroom

the... umm... uh?

Under Armour, a brief & sweaty history of compression:

Under Armour NYSE, SAT, USA TODAY: UA is a sweat in Baltimore, Maryland, designed for use in skin-sports. It originally created moisture-wicking, when exposed, to relieve some heat underneath uniforms (like baseball or basketball jerseys) or pads. It imitated clothing like football, hockey, lacrosse burns or shoulder pads with polyester fuses, but now also manufactures clothes such as Reebok hooded sweatshirts, pants, compression shorts and tactical units, etc. Under Armour led the ever-super trend of form-fitting, very intense heat performance NFL Equipment which was, with their Dri-FIT Pro line, their training shoe. In June of 2006, Under Armour released a brand of football cleats using the slogan "U.S. Military", serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. UA aired its first 'Click-Clack' all-sport brand of clothing headquartered from the hot Nike climate. Recently, parts of Under Armour and other NATO forces have banned many soldiers currently under flame, resulting in the 2008 Under Armour Bowl , marketing its first regular t-shirts released in July 2008.

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