October 17, 2008

"Shaking Angles" Rehearsal

Last Friday was the blowout performance of Russian artist Andrey Bartenev's "Shaking Angles" at The National Arts Club in Grammercy Park. Slava and I, among about 30 other dancers and people participated in this chaotic parade of costumes, ours made entirely from household items and garbage. Below is rehearsal video from that performace:


Z said...

When is this show taken place?
Any info?

Z said...

Oooppss I guess I happened already.
Will this show be again?
It seems very interesting. Costumes are very clever

Brian Kenny said...

Yes, the show happened. It was last Friday October 10th. And all the costumes were destroyed by the cast at the end. Although there is some footage on Youtube:


Sasha said...

this is awesome! i LOVE it. really wish i knew about this performance before it happened! the music is great too! that kitchen cabinet costume is really fucking cool.