November 3, 2008


Tomorrow is election day. I'm looking forward to finally casting my vote and moving on. Initially I was very enthusiatic about the election, but after watching all the presidential (and vice-presidential debates) and endless mind-numbing TV and internet coverage I'm developing the feeling that both candidates are very much the same. As if voting for Obama or McCain is really like voting for the right or left hand on the same person. Both saying "Blah, blah, blah, finger point, finger point, Here's what I'll do for the middle class..." I feel that whomever wins office (and I certainly don't envy the winner's responsibilities), the most important decisions regarding the future of our world will and have been made without us. Regardless, I still encourage everyone that can vote, to vote.

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southendcb said...

I really hope you don't feel like it was voting for the same person because the true differences between them are enormous. You can't always read candidates from the debates, and I agree they are mind numbing. See him speak in person. Listen to what he's really saying. There is substance in the man like we haven't seen in a long time...

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