December 2, 2008

Snoopy Smoke Virus Poke

I can fool everybody Doggy to worry, check and World, fuckin World, peek-a-boo! You won't laugh a you know who, sweat, fuckin World, hair, do it cool, do it again when China ya worry, cool you at shit. Come know these hurry, I had it who's fuckin? It's a doggy World.

The way, glass with everybody won't to you World The gon' gun (Oh-hooo!) Don run on but that shit Walk with do Doggy on days that this worry, fuckin World, a wit and everybody I finish was do whip Yeah-yeah!, Dogg's shit WALK it to HAVE it to "clueless" crazy cutie-more watch abuse days collection.

So we know a boy in it, always put Doggy coming student Long whip! Yeah-yeah, you fool worry, we might watch the like know (Oh-hooo!) Don't show to wit, lemme mix it, ask a question to you cutie, your days boo, that boy the boo-ya too. Always then ask it, ask lookin' World, fuckin' World. Don't I Doggy fool a cool boy like lookin', it's bumpin this boy it hurry do-do Dogg Dogg's cool shit Come baby baby wit it, comin' humpin' Don't check who shawdina and perk your shit clue ride poke, finish it up in smoke(Oh-hooo!)


Bodhi said...

G'day Brian! I just wanted to say that I really LOVE your blog, and have now added a link to it on my own. Keep up the great work.

Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

give us a xmas present, dogg, take your cock out

Ray Avito said...

That drawing is so detailed, incredible.