February 17, 2009

Y-3 Open-P!

On Sunday, Slava and I went to the new Y-3 fashion show at Pier 40.

We were lucky enough receive VIP invitations and were seated right next to bunch of celebrities! I recognized Kanye West, and Milla Jovovich, but couldnt figure out who was the pretty girl (with heavy makeup) in the fetching white Klaus Nomi-ish outfit. She was very popular and the paparazzi were all over the her.

I was later told it was Kim Kardashian (seen here with Mr. Yamamoto).

So I went home and googled her, and to my surprise, learned she has a dirty sex video. Then I discovered this stunning poem about that experience:


Keisha Kornbread said...

Great pics, but you especially look most delicious.

I know you had a good time and I wish I could have been in attendance as well. I hear they cut back on so many expenses for this years event, I wonder how big of a difference it made.

Anonymous said...

haaa ha
kim kardashian = blurtch

Anonymous said...

i saw you on perez behind her and reggie bush. i love the poem. it is so beautiful.

Ian said...

You and Slava are on Perez Hilton: