July 14, 2009

R.I.P. Dash Snow

Just found out the talented downtown NYC artist Dash Snow died last night of an overdose. Like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kurt Cobain, he was just 27. Really sad, he was such a friendly and enormously talented guy with a promising future (I loved his collages and installations) and now leaves behind a young daughter.

(photo by Terry Richardson)

Some comments left by readers on a New York Times article on his death:

Very sad. Dash Snow sported an annoying “hipper-than-thou” art-world persona, but his artistic talent was undeniable.Unfortunately, he was not only a brilliant artist but a drug addict as well. Here we have the Basquiat of the 21st century.— OnTenthAvenue

Privileged young kid wastes life with debauchery and becomes ‘artist’ by documenting said destruction with polaroids. Just so he can remember what happened.Soooooo 1980’s! Maybe the deMenils can build a museum for him in Houston. — atron

As he was famous for being a drug addict, this is not surprising. RIP. — tim
Just got out of rehab in March. My goodness. Really sad. This seems to be not about stupid choices or cliches, but about addiction. Tragic.— CourtneyAJ

Wow, the seediness, violence, and poverty of the world of the grandson of Christophe de Menil. Now that’s what I call intense. — Jim

Links to DASH SNOW's artwork:

Tiny Vices (Dash's Polaroids)

Peres Projects

Saatchi Gallery (Dash's installations and Collages)