December 6, 2009

My butt in 2010

*Photo by Slava Mogutin

My butt, I mean FULL MOON, will watch over the dates of the 23-29 of August 2010 to bring you joy and physical health. On the cosmic apex of the 29th, when the bikini meets the bicycle seat, a new vibration will energize your path towards higher consciousness....

*Photo by Marsha Brady

Zachary from the 19-25 of July will deliver cake to the running men of 2010

*photo by Robin Black

And Kalvin, the national treasure of the 28th until Independence Day will wave flags for you under the water

a lovely calender by BUTT Magazine full of many moons to pass the time beyond 2009

1 comment:

Ray Avito said...

Slava does know how to capture an image! Love that picture, and the calendar looks snazzy.