March 31, 2010

My first record cover!

The NO BRA 8-inch Compilation "She Was a Butcher"
released on i-tunes on and available as a limited edtion of 50 vinyl (including art work by the involved parties and screen printed cover art by Brian Kenny, back cover by Michael Gaughan)
track listing:

1. She was a butcher – No Bra
2. Sister Speed (no bra remix) – Ulterior
3. The Solidity of Fog – S.C.U.M.
4. I love New York – TV baby
5. Glass – Salem


St_BÂȘnn said...


ghoul said...


No Bra rules! :-D

ghoul said...

No Bra rules!! :-D

alex rose said...

hello brian

in england

! = dog cocks

im irish

anyhow, kudos on the No Bra, theyr awesome

i wont be at opening but i hope ye like the work

love, alex,x