May 19, 2010

Dr. Vaginal Cream Davis Jr. will see you now.

Last Sunday at "Speaking from the Diaphragm". Photos by Slava.

Vag's blowminding diaphragmatics turns the superego into a chat roulette self-portrait

Pierrot detonates the atomic catwalk

analingus intermissions (photo by Glen Belvario)

My red t-shirt is the empressible's new hat

Gio and I perform Black Peter Group's Flip-Floppin (photo by Glen Belvario)

Vaginal Cream with sprinkles above and below the diaphragm

Performances continue through May 27.
Slava and I will appear as guests with benefits:
Friday May 21 along with Billy Miller, Annie Sprinkles, Beth Stephens & Bruce LaBruce
Thursday May 27 @ 10pm with Genesis (and Lady Jay) Breyer P-Orridge, Dan Hershlein and Penny Arcade.