June 6, 2010

Registered with the Golden Triangle

I had a premonition that it will disappear, sink like Atlantis. And I really wanted something to leave behind. In the 30th thinking and understanding that they are my ancestors, this is my land and I am responsible to the ancestors... My grand plan spent seven years in the camps and when it was rehabilitated, I was given a camera "Change” in, three or four paradigms. Impression - bruises, food, the lack of plans for the future. And it becomes a world trend. Globalization is no longer giving a sense of so-called scientific photography and was this is the most non-American photograph in still-life. The first in Phoenicia to began to withdraw advertising nullified. I do not know why. That is, I have a few pictures made by Western standards. In my opinion, not in focus, different border emotional states determine aesthetics. The third ironic situation in the world.


Bjp said...

great post

by DjamL said...

emotional post. thanks.