July 16, 2010

Lost Horizon / Head Shop

Opening tomorrow July 17 @ EXILE Gallery in Berlin:

(press release)
In July and August Exile presents its second annual Summer Camp curated by New York based artist, writer, editor and independent publisher Billy Miller. For this year's SummerCamp Miller curated two simultaneous exhibitions entitled Head Shop and Lost Horizon:

Head Shop is both a nod to legendary ‘60s bohemian boutiques like Granny Takes A Trip, and an evocation of the idea of the mind as a storehouse of images and potentialities.

Artists: Dan Acton, The Agitators, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Brian Belott, Nina Bovasso, Matt Borruso, Larry Carlson, Ryan Cummings, TM Davy, Michael Economy, Krista Figacz, Janie Geiser, Fritz Haeg, Christian Holstad, Brian Kenny, Paul Kopkau, Steve LaFreniere, Justin Lowe, Noah Lyon, Michael Magnan, Rachel Mason, Glynnis McDaris, Ashleigh Nankivell, Mary Nicholson, Darinka Novitovic, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Jason Peters, Kevin Regan, Alex Rose, Desi Santiago, Barbara Sullivan, Jan Wandrag, David West, Justin Yockel

Lost Horizon takes its title from the book and film of the same name, and suggests aspects of American Western mythology and “lost” possibilities - ecological, cultural, personal and otherwise.

Artists: D-L Alvarez, Rachel Beach, Michael Bilsborough, Colby Bird, Matthew Burcaw, Kathe Burkhart, Luke Butler, Brendan Carroll, Walt Cassidy, Wayne Coe, Reuben Cox, Pia Dehne, Peter Eide, Carl Ferrero, Jonah Freeman, Janine Gordon, Jonah Groeneboer, Marcus Gruendel, Tina Hejtmanek, Scott Hug, Stephen Irwin, Item Idem + Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Pat Keesey, Lisa Kirk, Lewis Klahr, Martin Kohout, Kristian Kozul, Paul Lee, Peter Maloney, Glynnis McDaris, Dean Sameshima, Florent Tillon, Frank Webster, Ken Warneke

Here's the drawing I'm showing:

Undearcover, 2008
Mixed Media on vintage American shooting target paper
34" x 22.5"

SummerCamp Events (click on event for more info)

July 17, 7-10pm: SummerCamp Opening at Exile

July 18, 9pm: Screening at Wowsville, Ohlauer Str 33, Berlin

July 20, 9pm: Screening at Basso, Köpenicker Straße 187/188, Berlin

July 31, 7-10pm: STH #67 Launch, Exile

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