February 18, 2011

Birdsong: Five On It: Brian Kenny

Check out my latest interview on Williamsburg's own Birdsong:

"New York-based artist Brian Kenny has worn many hats in his time– gymnast, vocalist, go-go boy, visual artist, poet, etc. etc. etc. The list just grows. Whatever means his creative ambition takes, it’s assured of his boyish, brash, and sexy style. I was just reading “Samuel” by Grace Paley, and Brian totally seems like a Samuel to me–
“Some boys are very tough. They’re afraid of nothing. They are the ones who climb a wall and take a bow at the top. Not only are they brave on the roof, but they make a lot of noise in the darkest part of the cellar where even the super hates to go. They also jiggle and hop on the platform between the locked doors of the subway cars.”
I mean (spoiler alert) Samuel dies in the story, but that’s only because some dude pulls the emergency brake– neither here nor there– BUT the point is, Brian is a risk taker...."

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