June 6, 2011

My installation for BOYS TOYS

My installation for the "Boys Toys" exhibition in Warsaw @ Galerie Czulosc was basically a giant collaborative group drawing.  I made about 40 'coloring book style' drawings (25 of them made specifically for the exhibition) that were xeroxed en masse and covered the walls of my room with an invitation for the audience to interact by adding their own marks, doodles and drawings to my own. Coloring outside of the lines was encouraged.

The drawings I produced reflect my feelings about 'boys toys'; both the show itself and it's sexual innuendos, as well as my growing fixation with sexual and gender ambiguities, gray areas and variations.

Photos by the show's curator Karol Radziszewski

More photos from the exhibition, it's opening and after-parties:

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Ray Avito said...

What a fantastic idea! Very well done. I may be tingling...