November 11, 2011

GIO BLACK PETER: What You See Is What You Get

Gio's got brand new solo show here in NYC this Thursday!

(exhibition press release):
In a world of “reality” shows about being a house wife, finding the perfect 27 million dollar apartment or being the next great art star one finds themselves at a crossroads.

Do we go the way of “reality” consuming an endless supply of gluttonous pleasures, blindly chasing a dangling top chef meal with the hopes of possibly gaining so much that we may someday achieve the biggest looser status?

Or do we choose a different path. A path that allows the magic of life back into our reality. A path that allows the dance of Purusha and Prakirti, Yin and Yang, to ebb and flow with organic precision. A path uninterrupted by commercial breaks that may have magic around the next corner instead of sponsorship, greed, and ego.

If one chooses the early path an endless supply of pre-planned and produced, simulated landscapes can be found. Yet if one chooses the latter the question of where to beginarises.

This question is not new but ancient. How does one navigate the path less travelled? If one looks to history for the answer one sees that inside all myth and legend the answer is the same, we find a guide. Someone who has set out on the path before us, who can now return with the lessons of his hero’s journey to help others navigate this mysterious and magic landscape. Dante had Virgil, Neo had Morpheus, and sometimes we are all blessed with the truth inside art to lead the way.

In the work of Gio Black Peter I see that truth, I see an artist reacting to the world of simulated reality by looking inward for answers. An artist asking himself within his work the hard questions in life we all come upon on our individual journeys.

With Gio’s authenticity and generosity set to paper and canvas, lyrics and video his role as guide into a new and mysterious landscape is clear.

Gio Black Peter (born Giovanni Andrade Paolo Guevara) is a New York-based performance and visual artist who examines text and subject, truth and fakery, rebellion and authority.

His subversive work has quickly earned him a name in the downtown New York scene of young emerging artists who participate in today’s dialogue about the deconstruction of high profile, white box presentation and the desire to raise art awareness. At the core of Black Peter’s thinking is the idea that the life of art depends on the viewer’s willingness to suspend his or her pre-programmed thoughts and play into the believability of magic. Truth and a masterful aesthetic draw the viewer deep into Black Peter’s art—a visceral exploration of vulnerability and self-reflection.

Since 2007, Gio Black Peter has performed and exhibited work worldwide, including: New York, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Bergen, London, Antwerp, Tokyo, and Paris and now at BrianRiley1ProjectSpace.

We are honored by the opportunity to work with Gio and look forward to sharing the next two shows with you. Please join us on November 17, 2011 for the opening of “WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET, Drawings by Gio Black Peter.

Will will soon have the date set for Gio-the-PAINTINGS, in early 2012.

BrianRiley1ProjectSpace invites you to
“WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET” Drawings by Gio Black Peter.
Artist Reception: November 17, 6 to 8 PM
BrianRiley1ProjectSpace 368 Broadway Rm 405 New York, NY 10003 Between Franklin and White.

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