March 16, 2007

Ask a scuba diver sex addict!

Meet McGyver the Scuba Diver at his home in Indiana, he's a man digging under the sea for his orgasms. In this interview we'll explore the fetish and insight behind America's growing fascination with all things wet and sexual.

Brian: So Why do you enjoy Scuba Sex?

Scuba Man: Scuba equipment is a turn-on for me and water is sexy. I think people have a strong association between water and sex. Besides, bodies underwater look really great, nothing sags and there's no need to use any lube. Just imagine tight neoprene and heavy gear, fighting to breathe in a weightless underwater eternity... I'm always hard under water...

B: Sex underwater seems complicated. What's the best way to do it Scuba-style?

SM: Do it the same way the astronauts do, or just use your vaccuum cleaner.

B: Vacuum Cleaner?

SM: Well they don't call it a Hoover for nothing!

B: But how does this have to do with underwater Scuba sex?

SM: About as much as it does with a 'Wigger Broadcast'.

B: And the Wiggers want to know; How deep can you go with your Hoover?

SM: I'm more of a Flipper than a Hoover.

B: And how big is your flipper?

SM: Well lets just say there's more than one Titanic underwater.

B: What is your ultimate Underwater scuba fantasy?

SM: Being Sharked by the swordfish of a Navy Seal.


Anonymous said...

Dude, just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. I too LOVE men in scuba gear. I just go one step further. The dude of my dreams will be wearing either a wet top or a t-shirt and nude from the waist down while wearing fins, mask, and assorted gear. Try that idea on for size, bet you'll love it. Thanks for being there, for the longest time, I thought I was the only person in the world to enjoy such a fun fetish.

kdunn said...

seriously, you actually believe this guys has had sex underwater while stating water is a natural lubricant? Water does not washes away any and all water soluble lube you or nature applied.