March 18, 2007

Boys Under Pressure

Even cute boys in America are under a lot of pressure these days.

This girl tried, (and failed) to be heavy enough

How about the pressure of grown man in heavy boots?

And who's responsible for stomping his sexiness?

This off-road boy.

His name is MASTER POLO and these pics come from his great website POLO CRUSH ZONE with more stomping action (including most fruits, vegetables and toys). I especially enjoy his narration of the action. These galleries are my favorite,

Tank Crush

Timbs vs. Toy Gun

See them squish now, Chelsea Girls


Q: What is your ultimate (sexual) fantasy?

A: Being crushed to death.

Q: Can you resist stomping an empty soda can?

A: No.

*I'm Silky Freckly, flattened by your Crush Fetish

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