May 6, 2009

Shaping Up!

Last weekend Slava and I went to see the "Younger than Jesus" at the New Museum. Personally I think the title is kind of misleading. I know it refers to the artists all being under 33, but when I hear that title, I immediately think 'Jesus'. Actually, it would be interesting if they did a contemporary Jesus art show... I liked AIDS 3D's "OMG obelisk" and Ryan Trecartin's ongoing video madness. But my favorite was a video by Polish artist Anna Molska. "Tanagram" features two totally hot young men in sexy black jock-stap/thong combos with military style helmets rearranging large black shapes on rollers. Together they create one shape after another to changing background music ranging from soviet-style fanfares to minimalist arpeggios. The effect is hypnotic, I watched it over and over.

Here are some photos Slava took of the video:

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