May 15, 2009

No artificial chemicals, and safe in moderation...


Here I demonstrate the effects of Bananarilaxx. This drug is prescribed only for New Yorkers who can attend this limited edition Saturday party (starting May 16th) at the Gorilla Club. I'll also be the offical pharmicist. Side effect include dizzyness, ape-like behaviour, uncontrollable dance movements, sexual stimulation, chest hair and possible next-day hangovers.

*High Fructose Corn Syrup
Ask, no, call him "doctor" for a quick rush of energy! Side effects may include transgendered cross dressing, glitterectomies, self-mutilation, racism, and soft filter vision.

Prescribed for relief from depression. Side Effects may include monochromatic vision, hearing voices from animals and uncontrollable urges to dress up little dogs.

Prescribed for ADD. Side effects may include repeated viewings, psychelic hallucinations, childhood flashbacks and amorous feelings for the cute Aussie creator (POGO) of this video medication.

Also by the makers of Fagatron. Side effects include those of Fagotron plus the ability to unlock doors..



david john said...

gorilla video is freaking hot.

maybe im an ape.

Ray Avito said...

At the very end of the gorilla video, I love the quick shot of you holding the banana up to your ear and the phone to your mouth.

...and those dogs...that is some serious hilarity!

johnElectric said...

WOW! POGO just changed my life!

Thank you for posting this!

Cute gorilla too.

YVY Mag said...

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