July 14, 2009


OTK Discipline!
organized by Gio Black Peter & Brian Kenny

@ the Starr Space in Brooklyn last Friday July 10.
Photographs by Slava Mogutin

The O.Teepee. K.

sculpture by Ericka Keck

Bathrooms by Paul Mpagi Sepuya (photos) and Nico Urquiza (installation)

Performance by Micki Pellerano (in red) and company

Hula Hoop/Popcorn Performance by Malcolm Stuart

MC set by Leif

Big OTK THANKS and SPANKS to all performers, participants and spectators, especially
Alex Sedano, Bec Stupak, Billy Miller, Bruce LaBruce, Claire Priestley, Daniel McKernan, Desi Santiago, envoy enterprises, Ericka Keck, Fixx Invictus, Jah Jah (aka Janine Gordon), Jared Buckheister, Jason Ferrar, Josh Bloom, Leif, Luigi y Luca, Lukas, Lyndsey Welgos, Malcolm Stuart, Max Steele, Micki Pellerano, Nico Urquiza, Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Prickimage, Richie Rennt, Robert Sumrell, Scott Hug, Slava Mogutin, SPANK Zine & Co., Stuart Sandford, Starr Space crew (Joseph and CB) & Viva Ruiz

More OTK pics! by
NY Press: (by Gerry Visco)
OUT Magazine (by Jason Rodgers)
Slava Mogutin (focus on the bathroom installation)
Nico Urquiza
Lyndsy Welgos
Erika Keck


Matthias said...

love the bathroom pieces

underneath said...

I should have been there.. love Sepuias work.