November 28, 2009

Fresh ink

Slava, Gio and I went to the Converse launch party for the new Terence Koh shoe at the Cooper Union clocktower and the event featured a whole crew of sexy model boys sitting infront of easels making brush strokes, but there was no paint thus the pads of paper were blank. So we snagged the cutest model and took him back our apartment and used our backs as easels to make some art to look at. Slava photographed the process.


Anonymous said...

hi brian

i know i always type the wrong words,elph's move my fingers

i can't type a true sentence, i hate komputers

anyway, i just wanted to say i really like that dog drawing, the woofter with paws as fingers

my love to you and slava, alex,x

Dan said...

brain, more pictures of you!

Ray Avito said...

Spontaneous creativity. Having like minds around is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Excelent work!!!