January 6, 2011


Slava and I recently flew back to New York after spending the holidays with friends and family in Colorado;

de-icing planes in Denver

Jersey below me, new years eve.

Before leaving, our friend Josh gave us a jar of his homemade fruit compote syrup. I tucked it in the middle of my clothes in my checked baggage so it wouldn't break... Back home in New York while I was starting to unpack I ran across a notice that TSA had inspected my luggage. As I continued to unpack I found out just how dangerously suspect my jar of fruit syrup was! The jar was completely mummified in some kind of padding and TSA packing tape! It's like they built a bomb shelter around it. It looks so ridiculous, that Slava and I have declared it a ready-made piece of art and intend to keep it this way.

By comparison, here's a look at another jar that was not wrapped (non-terrorist/explodable)


Mon-El said...

Haha--that's pretty awesome.

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