July 10, 2011

Speed of light

The first portrait of me taken remotely via skype by Sebastian Lava.

I like Sebastian's manifesto regarding this project:

"One of the basic rules of photography says that the photographer is always present every time a photograph is taken. The breaking of this rule is only the beginning of my most recent art project. Hand in hand with this idea is the fact that I always intend to reflect the zeitgeist on my work. It’s art of our time - not the future nor the past.
Using, exclusively, the technology of the Internet, I am doing portraits from people across the world using webcams as a starting point.
This process, never used in fine arts, allows me to connect with people from everywhere, reinforcing the growing concept of global village we are all living in. Yes, today it’s possible to travel much faster than the speed of light and that’s what these portraits are all about"

See more portraits at

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el Shysh said...

Great project, pic and model :-)