July 15, 2011

Eye for an Eye Candy!

handpicked music videos for you unheatable bears
...new yorkers can expect some relief from the heat wave today
as the heat is re-directed to these hot muggy smoldering holy holes..
Press play and en join eyes yes

totally impressive video, stunning visuals for a great pounding track)

Peaches has never had better PR, regards to the video editor and even Disney for not immediately removing this video.

I'll be a troll or evil queen, I'll be a human jelly bean.... Weird Al's best video

these people are actually serious, rofl.

Love this performance, love Patti Smith

Who flung poo?

The new Macarena


The Nephilim said...

That white boy in the "Dick Slangin" video just needs to stop.

Cheeky Observer said...

I love Loretta Swit in the Fuck the Pain Away edit.