June 9, 2012

East Village Boys presents "For Personal Use @ Impossible Project

SUPERM (Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny) 2012

East Village Boys presents:
June 5-15, 2012
The Impossible Project Space
425 Broadway, 5th Floor, NYC

 Once upon a time horny boys, pornography dilettantes, sneaky voyeurs and slutty exhibitionists, the curious and the depraved, and queers of all types were confined to instant photography to document their private activities and tastes in all things a little less than appropriate. As a part of the Queer New York International Arts Festival, the infamous East Village Boys are bringing together their favorite artists to create work on instant analog film for a new exhibition. “For Personal Use” celebrates New York City’s historical queer community through controversial and thought provoking imagery. -EVB

by Mx Justin Vivian Bond, >
Mx Justin Vivian Bond
by Jeff Hahn, >
Jeff Hahn
by Josh McNey, >
Josh McNey
by Christian Schoeler, >
Christian Schoeler

by Andrew Yang, >
Andrew Yang
by Jayson Keeling, >
Jayson Keeling

by SUPERM (Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny), >
SUPERM (Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny)

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