June 12, 2012

I swear to tell

a solo exhibition by BRIAN KENNY

envoy enterprises
131 Chrystie St, NYC
20 June - 22 July 2012. Wed-Sun. 12 - 6
Opening Reception Wednesday June 20 6-8 pm

Here been soft
alONE born
tap tap tap
Caught red handed
Bare bones
Face HERe!
Cross the on fire line
How we reinvent the trophy
That’s how we roll
Rain again fallen stars
Lets not fight out of order
The hole truth
Sewn together
Fingers for the people of fate
Sage race
Time walk
Rest in hide and seek peace
Under the totally honest influence
Held no further questions hostage
Brian I rest my case Kenny 2012

envoy enterprises is pleased to present The Hole Truth, our first solo exhibition with New York based artist Brian Kenny.

Working with fabric for the first time, Kenny learned how to sew to construct a series of iconic objects – altered and reconfigured US flags, reflecting on what it means to be a disaffected gay American in the age of Occupy, the issues of social inequality and injustice. Devalued and depraved symbols, fallen or removed stars and stripes, the distortion and disfiguration evoke feelings of this discontent.

Mastering his primary medium of free-associative drawing, Kenny also created a series of large scale drawings on vintage police shooting targets – obsessive and intricate compositions depicting personal fantasies, fears and fetishes, as well as esoteric symbols and hand signs borrowed from sign language and urban subcultures. This new body of work serves as both artist’s intimate diary and passionate commentary on gender and sexuality, religion and guilt, finding inspiration in chaos while fighting the demons within – The Hole Truth and nothing but the truth.

Brian Kenny is a New York based American artist. Born 1982, in Heidelburg, Germany. He works across drawing, painting, sculpture, text, sound, video, and blogging. In 2004, Brian and his partner Slava Mogutin formed SUPERM, an ongoing collaborative art project.

Sewn Together (2012)
ink, acrylic and thread on vintage American police shooting target paper
22.5 x 34 inches

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